Sunday, 18 January 2015

Friday's stroll with my girls

On Friday after school we decided on going for a little stroll, naturally armed with my camera and a reflector, our first stop off was just outside Kyra's school. as cold as it was the sun was still shining, Kyra promptly whipped out her gorgeous smile and posed for me :)

 Standing on a bridge overlooking the stream and trees, such beautiful surroundings, makes you realise how lucky you are to live a stone throw away :)

 After our little adventure by the stream, we went to a little coffee shop in town called William's, you the sort big comfy armchairs next to a roaring open flame fire. Winter was a bit grizzly by this point as she was hungry so one jar of baby food for the littlest miss, one cup of hot chocolate topped with cream and marshmallows (incidentally according to Kyra Marshmallow is Winter's last name :P) for the little lady and a nice HOT cuppa coffee for me was in order.

From here we set about walking to the Mill Pond to feed the birdies, a much loved pastime for Kyra and I, she throws the bread I snap the photos, win win situation:D Winter who at this point is stuffed from her lunch and has crashed in her pram missed the whole experience lol   

After the seagulls had annihilated all our bread, we thought we would walk to meet daddy to work, whilst it is a 2.8 mile walk, there are some lovely scenic sections along the way including one of my favorite places, (fortunately only 10 min walk from home so I get to visit regularly ) Pembroke castle marked the start of our 2.8 mile trek xx 

Thanks for taking the time to read my post, as always I welcome any comments :)