Thursday, 15 January 2015

My very first blog post!!!!

Ok so here goes, this is  my first blog post, I am a 30 something mum to 3 beautiful children, with a passion for photography, the last couple of years have been spent learning different photography techniques, I especially love to photograph babies and children. Under the name K&R Photography I established myself a client base via my Facebook page, thus has now evolved into Freebird Photography since my youngest daughter was born, yes you guessed it the K&R represented my 2 eldest children :) I have now started to blog my photography journey as I continue to build a client base that spans newborn babies, toddlers, older children, seniors, weddings and other events. 

I hope you enjoy reading about my journey and please feel free to comment and leave any CC on any of my images, I do love to read what others think of my work.


regards Jaimie

p.s photos displayed in this blog post are taken from a recent session i photographed of my 2 beautiful daughters.

Thanks for reading :)