Monday, 26 January 2015

Winter is 6 months old!!!!!

So my smallest darling daughter turned 6 months old yesterday, to celebrate I decided to get
her into the studio for her 6 month session, managed to get quite a few shots I'm happy with,

It would seem that this little lady may be following in her big sisters footsteps and becoming quite the poser YAY!!!!!

I decided to try out a new studio setup for this session, and I must admit I'm liking the results, lighting was my usual 2 lamp set up, but I have been making use of a reflector of late, certainly making quite the difference :)

I'm definitely liking the results.

Winter hasn't been very well lately, have flu over xmas, followed by a cough that just won't go and now she's teething bless her, I was so surprised we managed to get this session completed, thankfully it didn't take too long and she was happy enough, however she did have a little snooze mid session lol xx

Her big sister Kyra had to get in on a couple shots before disappearing to watch Fireman Sam (the girl is obsessed) 

It was quite nice getting some of my older props out, some of which I have had since Kyra was as young as Winter hehe, lovely to be able to compare images lol,

Must admit I do love working on photos of my own kiddies, Although I may not always have the time to do so, it is sometimes nice to take time out and capture them and their own little personalities (or Big personalities as the case may be :) )

As always thank you for taking the time to read my post, 
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