Saturday, 7 February 2015

Kyra's Ballet Award Evening with WWAD

Ok so not posted for a few days but decided to pop a personal post up, last week we attended Kyra's Award evening.

Kyra has been attending the West Wales Academy of Dance (WWAD) since Sept last year, it's been a bit of a challenge getting her to actually calm down and take directions from her instructors. 
despite this she took part in The Princess Award, and managed to pass her exam. much to the credit of her instructors Melissa and Julie, (with a 100% pass rate I might add).

With all of her class mate she was awarded her certificate and tiara plaque.

Kyra showing off her Princess award xx


Now anyone who knows Kyra (often called Duracell for her unending amounts of energy) will know that this little lady loves to dance, however in order to direct the passions ''Miss Melissa' has had a bit of an uphill struggle to get Kyra to actually listen to instructions what with her energy levels and the fact that she still only 3 but it would seem she's getting there, 

 It's was a fantastic night, that everyone enjoyed, with a buffet, disco and balloon modelling Kyra for one was in her element, dancing the night away with all her beautiful friends xx 

One of Kyra's Ballet Buddies Meg xx

A sneaky Pic of my eldest and youngest xx

Kyra with her best friend Calleigh 

Kyra and  other Ballet Beauties Calleigh and Meg showing off their Princess Award
With lots of awards and achievements to be handed out goes to show the successful year for WWAD students and their instructors have had. 

Receiving her award for most improved in her ballet class x

I was very excited and proud when Kyra's name was called to announce she had won an award for most improved in her class :) and I was delighted that she was certainly not shy in displaying her trophy in a few photos for me :P :P

Everyone was then called on stage to receive a medal for attendance, arranging the students from biggest to smallest, smallest being at the front, was so lovely to see the older 'bigger kids' helping the toddlers with heir medals, goes to show what close bonds there are within the academy 

A 'Bigger kid' helping Kyra with her medal

Well done and congratulations to everyone who won an award, nice to see all your hard work paying off :)

I would like to say a huge thank you to WWAD on organizing a fab evening, and a very well done on another successful year.

P.S Yes that really is my daughter dipping her hand in the crisp bowl o.O

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